Kettlebell Handles

Everyone knows the problems with traditional kettlebells:

  • Thick handles that are difficult to grip during pulling movements.
  • Fixed weight; a lack of adjustability.
  • The expense of purchasing several kettlebells of differing weights just to get a full-body workout.
  • Outrageous shipping costs and lack of local availability.

All these problems can be overcome by getting some adjustable weight kettlebell handles.

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

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Fully extensible from 18 to 78 pounds in 11 pound increments.

The Best Balance of Price and Performance

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A beautiful piece that gives you a great workout and fitness.

Make a Kettlebell From Unused Barbell Weight Plates

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Adjustable kettlebells are entering the mainstream!

  • Manufacturers like IronMaster make kettlebell handles which integrate perfectly with their systems.
  • High-quality Stamina adjustable kettlebells are among the best available while still being modestly priced compared to buying several fixed-weight ‘bells.
  • Discount fitness supply companies like Weider make adjustable kettlebell replacements which allow you to change the weight with the flick of a switch.
  • Shot-loaded kettlebells are fillable with lead shot or sand. These are especially handy to bring along on vacation.
  • Threaded kettlebell handles can be used for heavy swings.