Adjustable weight kettlebells for men and women

A while back I finally broke down and bought an adjustable weight kettlebell. Now, my friends in the kettlebell community were surprised to find that I bought another bell because they know I already several sets in different weights. But I had an ulterior motive for getting an adjustable.

I wanted to get my wife into kettlebell training.

An adjustable weight kettlebell is great for womens’ fitness

Although my wife was always as focused on her physical fitness as I am, she never used kettlebells with any degree of regularity. Her main goals were to get a good, general-purpose cardio workout daily, and to use moderate strength training to keep her strength and muscular endurance levels at their peak.

It was hard for her to see how she could use kettlebells as a tool to reach her goals. I made the mistake of introducing her to my ‘bells, which were just too heavy for her petite frame.

Then it hit me like a bolt out of the blue. The realization that just because the bells I use were less than suitable for her needs, that doesn’t mean all kettlebells were equally unsuitable for her.

I quickly ordered an adjustable weight kettlebell for my wife. It was easily adjustable in seconds from 16 pounds all the way up to 36 pounds, and this gave her the options that she needed both for cardio training via swings, and for leg muscular endurance with kettlebell lunges.

How my wife uses her adjustable weight kettlebell

The Stamina adjustable weight kettlebell

My wife's kettlebell is easily adjustable

My wife is easily able to rack her adjustable weight kettlebell in the crook of her arm when she goes through her lunge routine. And to get some kettlebell cardio, she adjusts her Stamina kettle versa bell to its lightest weight and burns off the calories with a set of kettlebell swings.

Since she believes in incorporating many different sorts of workouts into her own personal fitness plan, she’s glad to have a kettlebell that fits her style, rather than an over-heavy fixed-weight bell suitable for a much larger man.

So take it from me. If you love kettlebell training, but you can’t seem to get your wife interested in it, maybe a lighter, adjustable weight kettlebell will do the trick.

This is a guest post by Raymond Murray. Raymond endorses Stamina’s adjustable weight kettlebell.