Apollo Athletics Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

So you want to make an adjustable kettlebell from weight plates, but you don’t want to pay for a kettlestack handle?

Then try the Apollo Athletics adjustable kettlebell handle.  It’s a copy of kettlestack’s proven system.  But at around half the price, it’s quite the bargain.

apollo athletics adjustable kettlebell

The Apollo kettlebell handle is a good choice for folks who don’t need to adjust their kettlebell weight during a workout.  This is because it takes time to switch weight plates.

If you use just a single kettlebell exercise – kettlebell swings, for instance – you’ll benefit from this style of kettlebell handle.  It’s adjustable when you want to move up in weight, but it doesn’t adjust in an instant like a quick lock kettlebell such as the Ironmaster adjustable kettlebell.

So if you have a bunch of loose weight plates sitting around gathering dust, why not use them to make your own kettlebell?

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