Are Adjustable Kettlebells Safe?

Adjustable kettlebells are still relatively new to the market. But they’re selling like crazy and manufacturers are rapidly changing their designs to incorporate lessons learned over the past decade or so.

When we talk about adjustable kettlebells being safe (or not), we’re really talking about two things:

  • How safe are they compared to old-style fixed-weight kettlebells
  • How safe are kettlebell exercises and routines in general

Kettlebell safety – adjustable versus fixed-weight

If you’re worried about modern adjustable kettlebells falling apart and raining bits and pieces down on your head the second you swing it overhead, don’t be.

All the best-selling models are safe for regular, everyday use with typical kettlebell workout routines recommended by all the top experts.

Some of the more robust models are bolted together, so they won’t come apart without tools. The Ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell is an example of an adjustable bell that is almost as unbreakable as a regular old solid metal bell.

Other, less expensive models like the Kettle Versa Bell or the Weider Powerbell have some parts made from plastic, so they’re not quite as tough as an all-metal adjustable. But they’re still safe.

Are workouts with adjustable kettlebells safe?

If you assume for a moment that workouts with any kettlebell (adjustable or traditional) are more or less safe as long as you use good form and don’t overdo things, then you’ll probably have to agree that safety isn’t as much of an issue as it can be with other, more extreme forms of exercise or recreation. After all, nobody would accuse rock climbing or some other extreme sport of being safe. But kettlebell training has been practiced by countless people without any ill effects.

So, I think it’s safe to say adjustable kettlebells are safe when used sensibly. Countless ‘bells have been sold and are in use all around the world, and no major problems have come to my attention.