Where can you find discount kettlebells?

Kettlebells are expensive. Surprisingly expensive, for novices who are looking to purchase a kettlebell for the first time.

But finding a discount kettlebell isn’t easy. They’re still relatively new and you don’t find many used kettlebells for sale cheap. Of course, if you know how to fix up a used kettlebell, you can sometimes pick up a bargain, but when you want to buy now (rather than at some unspecified point in the future), buying new is the way to go.

Discount Kettlebells: Why are kettlebells so expensive

Those in the know understand that this expense is somewhat justified. After all, you have to tool up an entire foundry to make kettlebells — a process which can take months.

But justified or not, that doesn’t mean the expense isn’t a real barrier to entry for first-time kettlebell users.

Lots of folks have been dissuaded from enjoying the benefits of kettlebell training because they can’t rationalize spending the money when they can get plates for an adjustable dumbbell at less than a dollar per pound.

There is such a thing as a discount kettlebell

Take a moment to think outside the box.

The expense of a single kettlebell isn’t prohibitive to most. But when you factor in the price of getting several ‘bells of different weights — which most serious trainees eventually need to do — it quickly begins to add up.

So, it’s not the initial sticker shock that discourages most people, it’s the need to keep shelling out more and more money in order to keep up with their skyrocketing fitness levels.

The answer to this quandry is adjustable kettlebell handles. Suddenly, you’re only spending money on weight plates, which are inexpensive enough that they don’t cause a pain in the wallet the way buying an entire fixed-weight kettlebell does.

If you’re looking for true discount kettlebells, you can end your search now. There is no such thing as a discount fixed-weight kettlebell (unless some shady guy tries to sell you one that “fell off the back of a truck”). But if you use kettlebell handles, you can get only the weight you need, when you need it, for a fraction the price of an old-fashioned fixed-weight k’bell.

Give adjustable kettlebells a try and you’ll never go back to the old, expensive days again!