Fillable Kettlebells: Hollow Kettlebells Are Versatile And Convenient

Everyone knows the number one limitation of traditional kettlebells: fixed weight.

With fillable kettlebells, you get to set the weight exactly where you need it to be so you get the most out of your kettlebell workout. These “you fill it” designs are still fairly uncommon (and rather expensive), but they’re perfect for kettlebell addicts who need to work out while traveling.

Check out shot loaded kettlebells for details about the hollow kettlebells being sold online.

Since adjustable kettlebell handles let you pick the weight you want to use during your workouts, many folks think they’re the answer to the fixed-weight problem. But hollow kettlebells take it one step further for those who need to transport their bells: they do away with the special weight plates used by most adjustable kettlebells and let you use whatever is convenient for weight or ballast: sand, water, lead shot, etc.