Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell – Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Ironmaster adjustable kettlebells are finally here!

Ironmaster made their reputation by building the best quick-lock adjustable dumbbells around.

Ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell

Ironmaster kettlebell handle, weight plates, and locking screw

And now they’ve stepped into the adjustable kettlebell market with what has to be one of the best adjustable bells on the market today.

The Ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell is built tough to take any abuse you can dish out. Best of all, it accepts the weight plates (and locking screw) made famous by the super-popular Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells.

You know why Ironmaster offers a lifetime warranty? That’s right: because this thing is built to withstand anything.

Better than several fixed-weight kettlebells

The Ironmaster kettlebell handle itself weighs 22.5 pounds (around 10 kg). And with the weight plates, you can easily adjust it upwards in 2.5 pound increments so you’ll always have just the right weight for whatever kettlebell exercise you want to do.

With an adjustable kettlebell, your progress will never stall. And you’ll never need to deal with a ridiculous jump in weight like with old-fashioned fixed-weight kettlebells.

Examine the facts objectively and I hope you’ll agree that one kettlebell handle outperforms several fixed-weight bells.

But even more important, the Ironmaster adjustable bell outperforms the other best-selling adjustable kettlebells on the market today. Here’s why:

  • Proven technology. The Ironmaster quick-lock system isn’t new. It’s been used for years in the best adjustable dumbbells money can buy. And now, you can get the same time-tested design in a kettlebell. It’s already been proven safe and foolproof by years of hard use under real-life conditions.
  • No plastic. This adjustable bell is made of iron and steel. You can drop if off the roof of your house and it’ll be OK.
  • Substantial starting weight. This kettlebell starts at over 20 pounds unloaded. No need to ‘waste’ your weight plates getting it loaded up to a working weight. Weight plates are used when you need to increase weight, not just to get a usable weight

Ironmaster offers you more

With the included weight plates, you’ll be able to adjust your Ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell from 22 pounds up to 57 pounds. Each plate weights 2.5 pounds, so you’ll be able to get the perfect weight.  What’s that you say?  57  pounds isn’t enough weight for you?  Well then, just get the extended locking screw and extra weight plates (sold together) and you can have an 80 pound adjustable kettlebell, no problem!

Ironmaster kettlebell and weight platesThis means you can work out in the proper rep range for whatever you want to accomplish — low reps for strength or higher reps for muscular endurance and cardiopulminary conditioning.

The handle isn’t your normal, extra-thick kettlebell handle. This handle is made from steel. Old-fashioned fixed-weight kettlebells are made entirely of cast iron. What this means for you is that the Ironmaster kettlebell handle is thinner than old-fashioned kettlebell handles. Thinner is better and more ergonomic. In kettlebell myths I explain why thick handles are to be avoided.

Ironmaster kettlebells can be considered a wide handle kettlebell. This means you can do swings with one or two hands. You get versatility and adjustability.

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