One kettlebell handle is better than several fixed-weight kettlebells

Conventional wisdom is: kettlebell handles are just for cheapskates

Everyone agrees that adjustable kettlebell handles are the perfect choice for folks who want to use a kettlebell routine without investing major money in a selection of differently-sized kettlebells.

Some people even go so far as to call you a cheapskate if you indicate a desire to make your money stretch as far as possible.

But even if you have the money to get several different size kettlebells, kettlebell handles are probably still a better choice for you in the long run.

Why are kettlebell handles better than a selection of different ‘bells?

Standard kettlebell sizes start at 9, 13, 18, and 26 pounds. These increments represent a fairly significant jump in weight. Each time you move up to a new kettlebell weight, you’re adding more than 30% to the workout weight.

30%+ is too drastic an increase for you to use a typical workout scheme involving progressive overload. Instead, kettlebell trainers advise you to add time or perceived level of intensity — instead of weight — when you want to increase the volume of your training.

Old-fashioned fixed-weight kettlebells don’t allow you to increase the weight by a useful amount. This is the #1 knock against kettlebell training.

Adjustable kettlebell handles blow this anti-kettlebell argument out of the water.

These days, anyone who wants to can add proper progressive overload into their kettlebell program just by switching to kettlebell handles.

A selection of different kettlebells is nice, but kettlebell handles are better for folks who are serious about training

So, while it’s nice to have a nice array of kettlebells in different weights, the training benefits are less than ideal.

It’s better to use kettlebell handles because you can make real progress from workout to workout.

Kettlebell handles are refined to the point where there is no going back to rustic, old-fashioned kettlebells.