Why Are Kettlebell Prices So High?

If you’re like most fitness enthusiasts, you were surprised the first time you started researching kettlebell prices.

Since you like to work out, you probably want to get your hands on a kettlebell, but the cost of a kettlebell is making you think twice.

If you will, let me explain why kettlebell prices are still a bit on the outrageous side, and what you can do about it.

Kettlebell prices depend on scrap iron prices and energy prices

To make a traditional, old-school kettlebell you need several things.

  • Scrap iron
  • An iron foundry to cast the kettlebell
  • Energy to run the blast furnace
  • Injection-molding equipment
  • Transportation costs – shipping an odd-sized item
  • Labor costs

Unfortunately, these things are costly.

Kettlebell prices are high because kettlebells are not common yet

The cost of making cast iron pieces like kettlebells includes the cost of tooling up a foundry.

Since barbell and dumbbell weight plates have been made for many, many years, manufacturers already have the equipment set up to make these items. Making kettlebells, on the other hand, means setting up a new manufacturing process.

Furthermore, many of the basic cast iron kettlebells you find for sale — especially the discount kettlebells that sell for cheap — are made all the way over in China. This means they come overseas by boat, which is a considerable expense. And since they don’t stack very well, you can’t pack as many of them into the shipping container — by weight — as you can flat weight plates.

Plus, when raw kettlebells come out of the molds, they’re covered with rough spots. The rough spots need grinding, which is dirty and labor intensive. In fact, in sanding a kettlebell handle you’ll find out why new kettlebells often need to be prepared for use. Get out your metal-working tools if you get a discount kettlebell. The bargain might be a bit more work than you envisioned.

Nobody has to tell you that energy prices are fairly high at the moment. Although Chinese manufacturers burn coal when they make cast iron, workers in other countries use electric furnaces or oil furnaces, which are cleaner and less prone to polluting, but more costly.

And guess what: scrap-iron prices are skyrocketing. This is directly caused by China’s appetite for raw materials.

Basically, we expect kettlebell prices to maintain their levels for the forseeable future.

How to combat high kettlebell prices

But you can still get yourself set up to use a kettlebell workout without buying 3 high-priced ‘bells.

Want to know how?

Read kettlebell handles outperform traditional kettlebells to see why having a single adjustable kettlebell is better than getting three fixed-weight kettlebells.

In fact, one of the most damaging kettlebell myths is that you can do it all with a single fixed-weight kettlebell. The advantages to having an adjustable kettlebell (or a range of 3 differently-weighted traditional bells) are overwhelming.

So while kettlebell prices are a bit steep, if you consider an adjustable kettlebell is like having 3 (or more) kettlebells in one, it’s easy to justify the price because of the fitness benefits!