Kettlebell Swings

Would you like a foolproof way to work out for full-body conditioning and cardiopulminary training?

Better yet, do you want to be able to get these benefits without the need for a fully-equipped multigym?

If so, you should try your hand at kettlebell swings. They’re simple to learn, they require no equipment other than a kettlebell, and they deliver undeniable results.

Bow down to Kettlebell Swings – King of the conditioning exercises

Of the standard kettlebell exercises, the swing is the most basic. You might say it’s the foundation upon which the others are constructed. But just because it’s a relatively simple movement to learn and master, don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s either ineffective or unnecessary.

It demands a lot from you; swings are like squats and pulling exercises all packed into one efficient movement. For conditioning purposes, they’re incomparable. Add some pushing moves and you have a full-body workout that rivals any other exercise scheme in existence.

Tips for performing the kettlebell swing:

  • Ensure that you use a good hip drive
  • Keep your core locked tight so you can power the move from your legs
  • Take the opportunity to work on your grip while you perform the movement
  • Make certain to keep your shoulders back
  • Maintain your lower back in a natural arch

Kettlebell swings muscles used – design a workout based on the swing

This exercise is extremely effective. Not only does it strengthen and condition your squatting and pulling muscle groups, but it brings immediate and lasting cardiovascular benefits as well. Add in a few pushing moves like Turkish getups or pushups, and you have a full-body workout in less time than you’d have thought possible.

If you want results in record time, add the kettlebell swing to your routine. You’ll be glad you did!