Is Kettlebell Training Necessary?

There has been a shift in the way kettlebells and kettlebell training is portrayed by kettlebell experts. Originally, kettlebells were seen as a simple, foolproof way to get in shape, burn some fat, and keep your muscles toned and capable. But lately, experts all recommend that novice trainees get some kettlebell training before embarking on a serious, kettlebell-based fitness program test.

What is the basis for these changing recommendations?

Kettlebell training teaches you what to look out for

Since training of this sort can be fairly hard on the joints, it’s becoming more and more apparent that without proper instruction, you can cause long-term, repetitive stress injury in your joints. The exercises are usually performed with very high repetitions, and without proper form and technique it’s possible to cause injury. Furthermore, when you get fatigued, your form will naturally break down. If your technique is less than perfect to begin with, fatigue will quickly send it over the edge into injury territory.

Obviously, there is some degree of danger involved with this style of training, just as there is in other forms of weight lifting. But since this training is dynamic and ballistic, it stands to reason that things can get dangerous just a bit more quickly. There’s always the risk of bashing your forearm during a kettlebell snatch, or hitting yourself in the head, or dropping it on your foot. Kettlebell training might lessen the risks that you encounter during workouts.

Adjustable kettlebells: do they require less training?

Kettlebell training reduces your chance of injuryIt’s not unreasonable to argue that an adjustable kettlebell requires less formal kettlebell training than the old-fashioned kind.

When you can pick just the weight you need for your exercise, you’ll have less of a tendency to use bad technique and form breaks just to complete the movement.

Since adjustable weight kettlebells give you options that you don’t have with traditional styles, they make it easier to focus on good technique rather than just getting the weight up and in position even though it might be a bit too heavy for you at the present time.

The downside of kettlebell instruction

The fact is: kettlebell training is an industry. Lots of kettlebell instructors call themselves “certified”, but in reality they’re just certified by marketing organizations.

Plus, these folks may want to keep you dependent on them. You’ll be encouraged to keep buying their books or DVDs to keep up with the latest trends in kettlebell training. And face it, you really don’t need to know that much to use this style of workout.

So, the bottom line is: if you suspect that your form and technique is a bit “off”, you would do well to get some basic kettlebell training before you end up with a preventable injury.