Kettlebells: Simple, Timeless, Effective

All the time-tested workout methods get results, if you stick with them. But I know a lot more people who “used to work out” than those who stuck with the program and now have something to show for it.

You’re not going to get in shape by fooling around for a month or two and then losing interest.

What you need to succeed is a workout routine that includes these five benefits:

  1. It is easy to get started
  2. Scalable so the good results keep on coming
  3. Simple to understand
  4. Proven to work
  5. Easy to measure progress

You can get these benefits from kettlebell workouts — especially those involving adjustable kettlebell handles — just as winning athletes have been getting them for more than a century.

Check out the reasons why kettlebell handles are the tool you can use to build a solid fitness foundation…

Easy to get started

Editor’s note: please don’t swing cats. Swing kettlebells instead.

With this style of exercise, you don’t need a dedicated workout space, a huge weight bench and power cage, cluttered storage space, or confusing books, pamphlets, and DVDs which all promise to teach you a bunch of complicated and ultimately unnecessary moves.

All you need is a kettlebell and enough room to swing a cat.


As I already mentioned, the great thing about these routines is that they’re scalable. You start out with simple moves like the kettlebell swing that everyone learns without any trouble. This sort of full-body exercise will skyrocket your conditioning to levels you wouldn’t think were possible in a short period of time. The boring old bodybuilding exercises that so many people have failed with in recent years can’t begin to deliver these sorts of results.

Soon, after you begin to feel like you’re really getting in shape, it’s a simple matter to add some additional moves — like cleans, snatches, and get-ups — to round out your routine.

With this kind of workout, there is no barrier to entry. You just jump right in with moves that don’t take practice, “muscle memory”, or coaching. What could be more simple than that?

Simple to understand

Kettlebell movements are natural and easily understood. You don’t need a complicated multi-day workout split, or dozens of esoteric isolation exercises from a dusty encyclopedia of bodybuilding. All you need is basic, compound exercises like we all did naturally when we were children.

If you can squat down and stand up, you’re already well on your way to mastering the kettlebell swing!

But don’t confuse simple with ineffective. These workouts will deliver results.

Proven to work

These days, it’s no longer a secret that this stuff works. There are more heartfelt testimonials on the ‘net than you can shake a stick at.

But take a moment to think about old style bodybuilding workouts. Odds are, you know plenty of people who started working out at some time or another, only to quit because they didn’t get the results they expected.

With kettlebell training, things are so simple that as long as you can keep yourself motivated to work out regularly, you can’t help but succeed.

Easy to measure progress

No need to worry about subjective things like body fat percentage, muscle “size and symmetry”, or how much you can “bench”.

With this sort of fitness regimen, you have three simple variable that you can track in mere moments:

  • Time – the amount of time you can perform a given exercise with a kettlebell of a given weight
  • Intensity – the number of reps you can perform in a given period of time
  • Weight – the amount of weight you load onto your adjustable kettlebell handle

That’s all there is to tracking your progress. If you improve, you’ll know it immediately. No need to get your body fat levels measured just to prove that you actually accomplished something. If you improve those metrics, your body will improve right along with them!