Brilliant Idea! Make Kettlebell From Weight Plates

What I’m about to tell you will make you excited about working out again. And more important, I’ll show you how to look better, feel more energetic, and perform at your peak all year round.

But first, let me tell you what I was like a few years ago.

(Warning: I was pretty pathetic…)

You know the definition of insanity, right? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

That’s how I was.

Back then, I was doing the same old strength training workouts week after week and month after month. But the endless sets of curls and bench presses didn’t get me any new results. All they got me were injuries.

I was caught in the injury cycle:

  1. Strain for one last rep close to failure
  2. Hear something go “pop”
  3. Take a month off to heal
  4. Work my way back up to where I was before
  5. Pop! — Another injury

My strength training went as far as it could, and I wasn’t getting any better (I just didn’t want to admit it to myself).

But even worse: I was developing a gut!

Do you know how disgusting it was for me to see myself in the mirror? I looked like a pregnant man.

All I could do was wear loose clothing and keep my shirt untucked.

I really needed a change… And fast.

I didn’t have a good cardio component in my workout

After all, weight training is important, but it’s only part of the fitness puzzle. I didn’t have a good cardio component in my exercise program, so it wasn’t a question of whether I was going to get fat, it was a question of how quickly would the flab accumulate.

There was only one bit of good news in the whole, sorry situation

One of my friends at work was a semi-pro mixed martial arts fighter. Once a month or so, he traveled to compete in MMA tournaments where he would test his toughness - and test löparskor - against other fighters, and pick up a few dollars in the bargain.

This guy has the sort of power and endurance that most of us can’t seem to develop, no matter how much time we spend under a barbell. And when he takes off his shirt, all the ladies suddenly forget what they were doing and start staring.

He had what I wanted

So I told him my sad story of failure and flab.

And because he was a caring guy, he gave me a simple piece of advice that changed my life for the better.

He told me to start training with kettlebells.

And that’s when my kettlestack kettlebell handle changed my life

Now, you have to understand, I had a pile of dusty 5 and 10 pound weight plates lying around with the rest of my exercise stuff.

I wanted to use them to make a kettlebell, but I couldn’t find a design for a homemade kettlebell that looked anything like a real kettlebell.

But after I saw an ad for the Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell Handle, I knew I had found the solution to my fitness dilemma.

I turned my old weight plates into a kettlebell.


A kettlestack kettlebell handle

With the kettlestack handle, I wasn’t locked into trying to learn a whole new way of working out with a heavy kettlebell. I built a kettlebell out of my old 5 and 10 pound plates, then used it to learn the kettlebell exercises.

And best of all: my kettlestack kettlebell was adjustable!

So after a couple of weeks when I got good at the moves, all I needed to do was add more weight.

Kettlebell exercises changed me from flab to fit!

This stuff works:

  • Kettlebells incinerate fat so you keep a chiseled kettlebell body all year round
  • They blast your muscular endurance through the roof so you can perform like a pro all through the day (and night)
  • The functional exercises train a full range of motion so you never develop any weak spots.

This new way of training changed my life. I kept most of the muscle I built before, but now I have a balanced body with no weak spots. And the flabby belly is history.

Best of all, I have the work capacity of an ox!

I owe it all to my Kettlestack kettlebell handles

I never would have spend the money for a fixed-weight kettlebell.

(OK, if I knew how well they worked, I would have… But I didn’t know…)

But becaue the kettlestack handle worked with my standard weight plates I gave it a shot.

And I’m glad I did

I still have all my old weight equipment — my power rack, barbell, dumbell handles, bench, etc. — but now I base the majority of my workouts on kettlebell exercises.

They’re just that good.

Save money

So do like I did. Turn your unused weight plates into a kettlebell with the Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell Handle.

There’s no need to buy 3 different fixed-weight kettlebells just to get a full kettlebell workout. With the kettlestack, just set up whatever weight you want for your workout.

  • A new use for your old weight plates
  • Less cost than a couple of fixed-weight ‘bells
  • Easily adjustable so all your kettlebell needs are met

Get your kettlestack handle and start getting fit

Thousands of satisfied buyers can’t be wrong.

I should know — I’m one of them

I promise if you incorporate an adjustable kettlebell into your exercise routine you won’t regret it.

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