Medicine ball kettlebells

Medicine ball workouts have been around for ages. Since they build functional strength — especially through the core — they’re a favorite of boxers and other pro athletes. Simple and time-tested, medicine ball fitness routines deliver results.

But never let it be said that there’s nothing new in the world of fitness.

Now, you can get medicine balls which come complete with attachment points for kettlebell-style handles. Not only can you use them for your traditional medicine ball workout, but you can also enjoy some of the benefits of a modern kettlebell workout.

Are they as good as regular kettlebells?

Some medicine balls can be fitted with a kettlebell handle

Some medicine balls can be fitted with kettlebell handles

Perhaps not, since they’re lighter in weight than an equivalently-sized iron kettlebell.

But if you’re the sort of person who isn’t looking to get bulky, these medicine ball kettlebells will work great. After all, it’s high reps you’re after, not absolute brute strength built by grinding out a few sets of low-rep power moves.

As a way to add some fun and variety into your workout routine, they can’t be beat. Why do the same boring workout day after day and suffer with plateaus and repetitive-stress injuries? Mix it up a bit, add a medicine ball with a handle to your workout once in a while, and keep your fitness routine fresh.

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