MiR Adjustable Kettlebell

Cutting edge athletes know the value of an adjustable weighted vest.  And guys who want the best buy the Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest because it fits better and is more easily adjustable than any other design on the market.

And now, Mir makes an adjustable kettlebell handle that accepts the same weight plates used in their weighted vests and in their adjustable dumbbells.

Features and benefits of Mir Adjustable Bell

  • Working weights from 18 to 78lbs. mean you’ll always be able to exercise at the right level of intensity
  • Do swings or overhead work with the wide handle design
  • The patent pending quad locking pin makes this one of the safest and most indestructible adjustable kettlebells you can get
  • Each weight plate is 11 pounds.
  • The weight plates are the same ones used in the MiR Workout Vest and the MiR adjustable dumbbells

Detailed specifications for MiR adjustable kettlebellThis is a serious training tool for guys who work out with a plan in mind.  Forget the 20 or 40 pound adjustable kettlebells that other companies make out of plastic; this is made to be used hard by  athletes who want to use kettlebell training to reach their goals.

The MiR adjustable kettlebell isn’t for folks who just want to swing a bell around once in a while to keep in shape.  It’s fairly expensive, but when you consider the versatility inherent in its innovative design, the price becomes much more palatable.

More than just an adjustable kettlebell

The MiR adjustable kettlebell uses the same exact weight plates used by MiR’s flagship product – their adjustable weight vests.  What’s more, their excellent adjustable dumbbells use these plates too.

Even better: when you buy a MiR kettlebell, they throw in one of their dumbbell handles for free.  You’re getting an adjustable bell and an adjustable kettlebell at the same time.

To get your hands on one, check out the spec sheet here.