PurAthletics Adjustable Kettlebell Review–Rapid-fire Weight Change

PurAthletics Adjustable KettlebellNew on the market for mid-2011 is the PurAthletics Adjustable Kettlebell.

Major selling points include:

  • The extremely easy to use adjustable dial that makes it fast and simple to change weights.
  • Small, 2.5 pound weight plates so you can set up the perfect weight for whichever exercise you are doing.
  • Extra wide handle so you can perform 2-handed kettlebell swings.
  • Quick weight change lets you keep moving and burning calories.

It’s a decent entry into the adjustable kettlebell niche, with some nice features that are sure to please serious fitness enthusiasts.  But there are a few downsides too.

For fitness training

Since the PurAthletics kettlebell tops out at around 25 pounds (approximately 11kg), most grown men won’t be able to use it for a full-scale strength training workout.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice for some folks.  This is a mass market kettlebell designed to be sold to people who want to dip their toe into this sort of athletic training without going overboard.

PurAthletics Adjustable Kettlebell showing weight platesIf you’re looking for a kettlebell that is suitable for the fitness and conditioning aspects of kettlebell training, this is an acceptable choice.  High-rep swings and other high-rep kettlebell exercises don’t demand heavy ‘bells; the folks who do these movements for weight loss and overall conditioning will be more than satisfied with the PurAthletics kettlebell.

Not for hard-core strength training

Since it’s only a 25-pounder, you’re not going to turn into the strongest kettlebell athlete in the world simply by using this adjustable ‘bell.

If you want a heavy adjustable bell that will grow with you as you increase your strength and power, we recommend something like the Mir Adjustable Kettlebell.

New on the market

As with most markets, once they get popular, competition arises.

And this is a good thing.

When I think back 5 years or so, there were no adjustable kettlebells for sale.  We either had to make do with buying several fixed-weight ‘bells, or using a threaded kettlebell handle.

With new designs like the PurAthletics ‘bell, we have low-cost options that give anyone who wants it the chance to try kettlebell training.

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