Quick-lock adjustable kettlebell handles

Adjustable kettlebells are far more versatile than soon to be obsolete fixed-weight kettlebells.

The only problem with them is that most designs make it difficult to switch the weight plates around. Instead of being easily adjustable, they’re barely adjustable.

The way around this is to get some quick-lock kettlebell handles. These sorts of handles use the same easily-adjusting design as popular adjustable dumbbells. It’s much faster to change the weight, and since the weight plates are custom-made for this purpose, they’re smooth and more comfortable to work out with than standard weight plates.

Ironmaster quick-lock adjustable kettlebells are well-regarded among fitness trainers and enthusiasts alike. They’re comfortable, attractive, and easily adjustable from 22.5 pounds all the way up to 80 pounds. Best of all, it features 2.5 pound increments — perfect for workout plans that focus on progressive overload.

Stamina adjustable kettlebells are the newest of the quick-change adjustables on the market. They work great and the price is right, check them out.

Weider adjustable kettlebells are stylish, attractive, and a breeze to adjust. They’ll sell a ton of them in coming years, because these items have it all.