Shot-loaded kettlebells

With most strength training workouts or conditioning routines, you don’t have to worry about going on vacation or any other extended trip away from your home gym. You’ll always be able to find popular exercise equipment no matter where you travel to.

The problem with kettlebell workouts is: you can’t bring the kettlebells with you and you can’t rely on finding some to work out with when you reach your destination.

Shot-loaded kettlebells: portability and adjustability

Shot-loaded kettlebells are still relatively rare

Shot-loaded kettlebells are perfect for progressive overload training

With hollow, shot-loaded kettlebells, you can bring the light-weight unloaded ‘bell along with you wherever you travel. Then, at your destination, it’s a simple matter to fill it with sand (or even with water) to whatever weight you require for your workout. This is an advantage not shared with common adjustable kettlebells which force you to carry (proprietary) weight plates along with you as you travel.

What’s more, it’s perfect for anyone who wants adjustability. Finally, a kettlebell that offers true progressive resistance for serious trainees.

Not just for strongmen anymore

In the past, strongmen would travel with shot-loaded kettlebells. They used these devices not only for training, but for strength challenges.

Today, with our understanding of the benefits of progressive resistance training, we make these old-school k’bells the centerpiece of a modern workout regimen.

The old becomes new, once again!

Conversation piece

By their very nature, mass-produced items like kettlebells are unexceptional and un-inspiring. Even though they’re still relatively uncommon, most people are not particularly interested in yet another new workout gizmo.

But shot-loaded kettlebells are another thing entirely. Although they’re carefully manufactured to exacting specs, they’re still rare enough to create a spectacle even among kettlebell aficionados.

If you’re the man who has everything, but you want even more, why not try a shot-loaded kettlebell?