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Stamina Adjustable Kettlebell Handles

I was in the market for an adjustable kettlebell, but I couldn’t find any in the local stores. All I found were regular “lump of iron with a handle” kettlebells. And I already have some of them collecting dust in my garage.

Stamina adjustable kettle versa bell diagram.

Use the pin to change the weight.

I wanted a kettlebell with these features:

  • Wide handle so I can do two-handed swings with high reps. The wide handle is a must because I have large hands.
  • Standard diameter handle that doesn’t fatigue my grip prematurely like old, traditional cast iron ‘bells do. The worst kettlebell myth is that thick handles are a feature rather than a limitation.
  • Easily adjustable so I can do circuit training without wasting a minute adjusting the weight. I’m not interested in using a wrench and a pair of pliers just to adjust my kettlebell weight.
  • Good fit and finish so I don’t feel like its going to break the first time I drop it.

I found all that and more when I finally took delivery of this great adjustable kettlebell.

Some of the nicest adjustable kettlebells you’ll find for sale online are manufactured by Stamina Products, Inc.. They call them Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bells.

With their patented weight adjustment system, you’ll never again have to deal with sub-standard adjustable kettlebells that rattle, loosen up over time, or pinch your skin in between their parts.

When you lock down the adjustable weight plates, they stay put; but when it’s time to change to another weight, it only takes a matter of moments to make the adjustment.

To adjust the weight, simply flip open the side hatch, pull out the pin, put it back in the appropriate hole (which selects a certain number of weight plates), and close the hatch. It’s that simple.

Stamina adjustable kettlebell

Stamina adjustable kettlebell

With a Stamina adjustable kettlebell, you can easily work out with 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, or 36 pounds.

One of these bells is like having six kettlebells in one. The weight adjusts in 4-pound increments, and ranges from 16 pounds to 36 pounds without changing the size of the kettlebell shell. You can add progressive overload to your workout without the need to adapt to a differently-sized kettlebell.

This kettlebell handle is made of cast iron, just like a traditional fixed-weight bell. The removable weight plates are machined steel; they’re designed to fit securely within the case without rattling, loosening up, or shifting around inside.

Check them out at Amazon.com: Stamina 36 lb Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa Bell. (Free Shipping)

When you finally get your hands on one of these, your old cast-iron kettlebells will be collecting dust in the garage, just like mine are.