Weider Kettlebell Handles

Jillian Michaels holding a Weider Powerbell

Jillian Michaels shows shows off her 'rack' (don't look at me that way - when you hold a kettlebell at the shoulder, it's called 'racking the kettlebell')

Lots of people — especially women — are being introduced to kettlebell training because of the promotional efforts of Jillian Michaels, who rose to fame as the tough but caring trainer on ABC’s hit weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser.

Michaels promotes the Weider Powerbell. It’s a simple to use adjustable kettlebell that allows kettlebell beginners to learn and adapt with lighter weight, then add weight as fitness levels increase.

Old school Kettlebell marketers don’t like Jillian Michaels

Kettlebells burst onto the fitness scene around a decade ago, promoted by kettlebell marketers who were looking for a toehold in the ultra-competitive fitness and exercise market.

These guys promoted old-fashioned fixed weight kettlebells that didn’t offer very much value. They also tried to create an ultra-hardcore workout culture around their ‘bells and their training methods. They wanted people to think kettlebells were for tough guys and ‘warriors’.

Then Jillian Michaels came along and started using kettlebells to turn her out of shape former couch potatoes from fat to fit. This scared the kettlebell dinosaurs into action. After all, she had the full weight of a national broadcast network behind her. Those guys had nothing more than some sensationalistic websites full of hype and promise, but very little actual substance.

They started a campaign to slander her training methods, belittle the results she and her clients achieved, and cast doubt on her level of knowledge.

But that’s OK. Most of her fans don’t know these old kettlebell dinosaurs exist. Fans of The Biggest Loser TV show want results, not the promise that they can be ‘warriors’ if they only buy a kettlebell and do everything the dinosaurs say.

Weider is a name you can trust

Weider Powerbell, plus the book and kettlebell instructional DVD

It comes with a book and instructional DVD

Weider is a fitness-products company that’s been around for decades. They got their start promoting bodybuilding shows, and gradually became synonymous with consumer-level bodybuilding equipment.

Most of the famous bodybuilders of the 70s and early 80s promoted Weider equipment at some point, because Weider advertised heavily and used famous muscle men in most of their ads.

The PowerBell comes complete with an instructional DVD featuring fitness expert Michael Skogg who got his start as a trainer for US Special Forces soldiers, and now runs his own elite kettlebell gym.

Weider Powerbells – Weider’s new and improved version of the kettlebell

Weider powerbell

Powerbell - Good fit'n'finish

Weider kettlebell handles are modestly priced compared to some of the high-end kettlebell handles. Because of the liberal use of plastic, the quality isn’t quite as high as you’ll find on those high end models, but it’s acceptable for someone who wants to make kettlebell training a part of their overall workout scheme.

If you want all-metal construction and bulletproof workmanship, perhaps Weider isn’t for you. But if you are after value, you’ll probably do well with this brand of adjustable kettlebell.

That being said, don’t let me give you the impression that this isn’t a good piece of workout equipment. It is. But it’s not solid metal like a more expensive piece of equipment. By my way of thinking, it’s a good blend of performance and cost-efficiency.

Weider Powerbells have been through several design changes over the last 10 years or so. This means it’s not an untested product.

Weider Powerbells come in two weights

Weider sells two main types of adjustable kettlebell handles: the 20 pound model and the 40 pounder. Both are easily adjustable with the flick of a switch and it only takes a moment to change the weight.

The Weider Powerbell and weight plates

Change the weight with the flick of a switch. You know you want one...

The 40 pound model has four 10-pound weight plates, so you can set it up to weigh from 10 to 40 pounds, in 10-pound increments. This is probably the best choice for folks who are already experienced with kettlebell training.

The 20 pounder ranges from 5 to 20 pounds, depending on how you set it up. It’s adjustable in 2.5 pound increments so you never have to deal with a kettlebell that’s either too light or too heavy.

So if you want to add kettlebell training to your workouts, but don’t want to foot the bill for several fixed-weight kettlebells, the Powerbell fits the bill nicely.

Powerbell construction gives you what you need, where you need it

Powerbell weight plate by Weider

A weight plate from the 20-pound Powerbell

Some people complain about the use of plastic. They say kettlebells should be forged from cast iron and anything less is sacrilige.

But plastic is fine if you’re the type who doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an obsolete, cast-iron monstrosity.

The weight plates are rust-proof iron, and the rest of it is a mix of metal and high-density, shatterproof plastic. You get functionality that’s stood the test of time, and a design that’s been revised several times over the last decade or so. Tens of thousands of Weider Powerbells have already been sold, so if you’re in the market for an adjustable kettlebell, this is one bandwagon you can feel confident jumping on.

Check them out at Amazon.com: Weider Adjustable Kettlebells (free shipping).