Do you need a wide handle kettlebell?

One of the newer developments in the world of kettlebells is the wide handle kettlebell. Typical old-school kettlebells had handles that were proportional to the size of the “bell” part — larger ‘bells had wider handles than lighter ‘bells. But these days, it’s easier to find a kettlebell with a wide handle, and lots of adjustable kettlebells come standard with wide handles.

Why a wide handle kettlebell is better

A wide handle kettlebell gives you one good advantage over a “normal” (old-fashioned) ‘bell: the ability to do two-handed kettlebell swings without cramping your hands. For big-handed folks, this is a godsend. And for the rest, it’s still a lot more comfortable and versatile.

Wide handle kettlebell

A wide handle kettlebell

An additional benefit is that a wide handle kettlebell has a more rounded, less severe curve to the handle. This means you can hold the side of the handle when you want to let the ‘bell swing of its own volition. You’re not limited to a single grip option.

Some people don’t like wide handles

If you use a 35 pound (16kg) kettlebell (or less), a wide handle is fine. But the strong, experienced kettlebell users who use heavier bells often prefer a smaller, traditional handle style. This is because it’s slightly easier to find the groove with a smaller, narrow handle. Of course, for two-handed swings, the wide-handle advantage is still overwhelming.

Adjustable or Traditional?

Some good adjustable kettlebells feature wide handles. Combined with adjustability, this means your two-handed swings will be better than ever, because you can dial in just the weight and intensity you need during your kettlebell swings.

So if you have a problem with cramping hands during swings, or if you just want more grip options, get ahold of a wide handle kettlebell and give yourself a chance to succeed!